Turtlewax Car Wash (1 Gallon) - part #T141

Turtlewax Car Wash (1 Gallon) - part #T141
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Product Detail:

The Power of Turtle Wax If you're looking for a car wax that protects your car's surface as it cleans, then the Turtle wax Car Wash (1 Gallon) is a solid choice - Its concentrated, biodegradable detergent-based formula with mild, deep-cleaning suds that float away dirt and grime while lubricating your vehicle's paint. You'll truly admire the sparkling finish.

Product Features:

  • Car wax that protects the surface of your car as it cleans
  • Formula is clear-coat safe and will not strip wax; preserves the finish of your car
  • Thick, rich, concentrated formula is wax-free, biodegradable and dries spot-free
  • Frequent use reduces the damaging effects of acid rain You don't have to worry about stripping the car wax off your vehicle. The Turtle wax Car Wash (1 Gallon) provides a spot-free, brilliant shine and is safe for use with all finishes. And, it contains a thick, concentrated formula that provides lubrication, which prevents swirl marks caused by abrasive dirt. This product works best when used frequently. On top of shining your car, the Turtle wax Car Wash (1 Gallon) values recycling when it comes to their packaging. It uses Class 2 plastic for the carboys, making it easier for customers to recycle these old containers. This is the perfect product for being green while they clean. Since its start in the late 1930's, Turtle Wax is still a family-owned company based in the Chicago area. It's the global leader and the most widely recognized name in total car care products, selling over 1,250 products in the retail and commercial markets in 90 countries worldwide. Their founder, Ben Hirsch was also the inventor of the first liquid polisher. Ben's spirit of invention, hard work, hustle and pride continues to inspire the company. Learn how to use turtle wax today with their car cleaning products.

Clear Coat Safe:Yes
Contains Wax:Yes
Dries Spot Free:Yes
Mix Ratio Per Gallon of Water:128 128
Waterless Application:Yes

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